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DYINGGGG over Kate Spade

The Now: DYINGGGG over Kate Spade

Thursday, October 14, 2010

DYINGGGG over Kate Spade

Owning a Kate Spade bag in High School was a pretty cool thing. It's no big deal, but I had like 5 of them...seriously..No. Big. Deal!!  Over the years though, those colorful Nylon bags that used to be so covetable kind of faded away. Although her fashion line wasn't as popular, she started a home accessories line that has become a hit!! I even have Kate Spade polka dot silverware. In her latest home design venture, she has just opened a pop-up apartment in London! It is absolutely adorable!!

The Black and White "rug " is painted on the floor
Handbag Heaven
Cool Pops of Yellow
LOVING this Green!
all pictures via fashionista

´╗┐xoxo E

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