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HIDE and seek

The Now: HIDE and seek

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

HIDE and seek

If you've furnished a home or an apartment recently, you'll know that selecting a rug can be one of the most agonizing elements in the process.  Not not only is it hard to find the perfect style (not too traditional - not too modern), but they are EXPENSIVE.  And without fail, I always dream bigger than my wallet.  Well enter the perfect solution... hides.  I am literally obsessed with the look of a hide rug, and they seem to go with almost any style of decor at a relatively low cost.  I think they add a sense of interest to a room by being unexpected, whimsical (how ugly is that word?), and yet elegant at the same time. 

For my first major foray into decorating (my former 800 sq ft condo), I found myself leaning towards very modern looking furniture, with some antiques mixed in.  As you can see, it was a very tight space, with my living room doubling as my office, dining room and spilling into the kitchen.  Having an oversized rug just didn't feel appropriate for the space, so I took the hide trend literally and opted for a brown, black and white cowhide.  While the picture doesn't give the rug justice (or a real sense of scale for the condo), the hide really seemed to tie the modern and traditional elements of the home together.

A's first real "grown-up" home
Sense then, my look has evolved, but I've continued to incorporate hides into my decor.   My friend and designer, Sam Sano, scored a fabulous creme hide for next to nothing at TJ Maxx.  Lovessss it! This isn't the best angle to show the rug, but I love how it pairs with the busy zig-zag pattern in the living room without being too much. 

Creme hide paired next to the West Elm Zig-Zag rug

E also found a fabulous zebra hide (my new favorite pattern on a hide) that she currently has under her dining room table.  E - send us a pic!  The only problem with this rug is that it was so versatile she literally couldn't figure out which room to put it in.  It played musical chairs for awhile but I think it found the perfect home under her kitchen table. 

If your space feels too large for a hide, don't despair... they look fabulous layered over other larger rugs, especially natural wovens, like sisal. 

Here are some great examples that inspire me....

Elle Decor - Room by Nate Berkus & Anne Coyle
Jan Showers
Domino Magazine
Southern Accents
Willow Decor
Suzanne Kasler
Domino Magazine
Emily Henderson (Design Star)
Happy hide hunting!  
xoxo A

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