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My obession in life: Vanessa Traina

The Now: My obession in life: Vanessa Traina

Monday, October 18, 2010

My obession in life: Vanessa Traina

I knew eventually I would open up in our blog about my all time girl crush, Vanessa Traina, but I was waiting for that special moment to introduce her. Well the time has come. Friends, I'd like to introduce you to my fashion soul mate, Vanessa. Daughter of Danielle Steel, a model for Louis Vuitton, bff's  with Nicole Richie, friends and muse for all the "cool" designers, wearer of haute couture...all around goddess. haha! She has opened the doors to her West Village apartment that she shares with her boyfriend, Pro-Skateboarder, Chad Muska, to Harper's Bazaar and it does not disappoint. It's a little more bohemian than I expected, but it is amazing and the six wardrobe changes??? Unbelievable of course!

In Chanel...she is a Chanel ambassodor for godssakes!

in Burberry and Valentino shoes

vintage Gucci glasses

Louis Vuitton dress. I need one of these zebras now!
Her closet!! Where wardrobe dreams come true! In Michael Kors and Marc Jacobs bloomers
Valentino blouse, Altuzarra skirt and boots
in her office wearing Givenchy coat and pants

all pics via harpersbazaar taken by The Selby

xoxo E

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