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Project: Bedroom Curtains

The Now: Project: Bedroom Curtains

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Project: Bedroom Curtains

Since moving in to our house, I have had such a hard time deciding where to start furnishing/decorating, that I haven't really gotten anything done. Now that I finally bought a coffee table for our den (2 years of looking, putting it off and looking again), it is time to work on our bedroom. While I have done little things  like get accent pillows and nightstands (which need to be painted..I'm thinking silver), it's time to face the biggest eyesore in the room... the off centered window behind our bed. After much brainstorming and searching the internet for inspiration, I have decided to put some curtains along the back wall to cover that awkwardly placed window. Hopefully my decorating ADD will not kick in and I can get this project done ASAP!!

Our Boudoir

my original inspiration via Turquoise LA

OH MY Gahhhhhhh!!! I need everything in this room!

OH!! With this bed please

 Gary Spain bedroom via House Beautiful
xoxo E

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