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WWD Celebrates the Big 100

The Now: WWD Celebrates the Big 100

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

WWD Celebrates the Big 100

I'm always on the hunt for my next coffee table book, and right now I'm pretty pumped about WWD launching "WWD: 100 Years, 100 Designers" to kick off its 100th anniversary festivities.  The book was unveiled at a launch party last Thursday at Bergdorf's amongst designers such as Francisco Costa, Isaac Mizrahi, and Vera Wang. 

Drooling over this spread!
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Here's a sneak peak at some of the designers featured in the book:

Images courtesy of T Magazine
And in tribute of the 100th anniversary, here's a screen shot of the first issue's cover...

Issue #1, published July 13, 1910

Since it's hard to read on the screen - here are some of the hot stories...
  • Talk of a Craze for Black in Paris (This was, of course, triggered by the "Obvious fact that the peculiar beauty of the Englishwoman, particularly the blonde, is never seen to better advantage than in mourning.")
  • The Coming Fashion in Hats (Milliners must not fear to "Buy feathers, especially those with the artificially lengthened fronts that droop over at the head... Big flowers too, whether poppies, or tulips, or lilies... should be acquired without uneasiness.")
  • Indications of Changes in Skirt Fashions (A special thanks to the "Gentlewoman" who points out that, "Although we talk of the skirt banded in from the knees as if it were the only feature of fashion... the whimsically draped skirt and the tunic or double skirt are still to be worn.") 
  • Mass Meeting of Manufacturers Today (It seems there was major union drama amongst the Cloak, Suit, and Skirt Manufacturers' Protective Association; however, Max Meyer of A. Beller & Co. claims that the dispute is, "All poppy-cock.")
Let us know if you're a WWD fan & if you'll be buying the book!

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