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Silhouette Splendor

The Now: Silhouette Splendor

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Silhouette Splendor

I've always had a soft spot for silhouettes, after all, my mom has been collecting them for years.  But now I'm turning into some what of a junkie, as we're seeing silhouettes pop up EVERYWHERE in the design world.  Love how such a classic look has become so incredibly on-trend.  My favorite way to see them is when paired with modern surroundings.  Such a unique look.

How unbelievably gorge is this vignette?  I love
the pale blue walls and ornate molding.  The silhouettes
are completely perfectly placed, too.  Drool.
via Country Living
Another example of a simply beautiful use of vignettes
(and pink walls, a modern sofa, an amaz black hide, etc., etc. etc.).
This screams E to me... E, am I right?
My personal favorite thing about this vignette is that the frames are from Ikea!
I've seen those frames 1,000 times in the store and have always wondered what
I could use them for.  Now I know!
via Belle Maison 23
E and I have been crazy over Carter Kustera for Jonathan Adler
for some time now.  Only problem is that one of these originals
will set you back about 8 hundy, gulp.
 Well, our very own E was to the rescue.. she found a way to
create her own (and in my mind even more amazing) silhouettes
of her cat, Brother, and dog, Pickles! (Say E, Christmas is coming soon
and little Henry could really use a portrait)

Yum, yum, yum.  Look at these adorable silhouette pillows
in the perfect shade of blue.  Looks perfect against the yellow sofa.
No wonder why this was originally featured in Domino
via Seams of Thought
I adore the black and whites against the purple background
Oh, and my fingers are crossed that these are actual silhouettes 
of this person's family & pets... too cute
via Style at Home
As I mentioned, my mom has been collecting silhouettes
for years, and she loves mounting them within frames.
Good job momma!
via My Dad!
If you're not feeling crafty (or if you don't have a crafty friend like E), I love the work by Cut Arts.  Simply email them your photo, and they'll create a custom silhouette for you starting at $25 for a 5x7. And btw, their largest size - 18x24 - is only $150, so I'd say it's a pretty good deal!

Their work was featured in the Kips Bay Designer Show House in 2005... love!
via Cut Arts
via Cut Arts
If you're really wanting to take this silhouette trend to the next level, click on over to Cameo By Rux where you can have a custom silhouette bracelet or made... wowzers!
via Cameo by Rux
Any plans to incorporate silhouettes into your home?
xoxo A

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At November 3, 2010 at 8:58 PM , Blogger Janis said...

Pickles!!!! Love it, Elizabeth! I may try this with my girls! Annie, your mom is so talented. I am loving this blog. Great job, Ladies! I told Peter that he and Matt should collaborate on a guest "guy's edition"!! ;)

At November 4, 2010 at 6:53 AM , Blogger christine {bijouandboheme} said...

I am going nuts over that first photo- love love love. Great job to your mom too:) I don't have any silhouettes in my house but would love to have some done of my kids- I love the look of them- quirky french is so up my alley!!


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