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Tiny Dancer

The Now: Tiny Dancer

Monday, November 8, 2010

Tiny Dancer

OH how I love ballet flats!! Hannah MacGibbon created a much more subdued and beautiful collection than what we've seen in the past few seasons! The models' hair were up in buns, they wore leotards under pleated tulle skirts and of course, ballet flats galore!!! Of course there were a few other pieces From ballet pink, black and ruby red the flats could be seen with shorts to flow y, ethereal dresses and skirts.

I need this entire look NOW!

Get your ballet flats NOW. Here are some of my picks..

The embellished:Vivacious Ballet Pumps Topshop

The OG: Repetto

The Splurge: Lanvin Leopard Ballet Flats Zoe

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